Heartworm Treatment For Dogs & Cats

Worming Treatment For Dogs & Cats

At VetBlacktown we provide worming treatment for your pet dogs and cats. The most common symptoms that your dog or cat needs worming treatment are diarrhoea, vomiting, coughing or losing weight. This is usually common among pets but as an owner, it is your part to take care of it. If you suspect that your dog or cat requires the worming treatment just schedule a consultation with our vet.

Heartworm Treatment For Dogs & Cats

Heartworm is an internal parasite that is spread by mosquitoes, so your dog doesn’t even need to be in contact with other animals to become infected. Heartworm has a complex life-cycle. For heartworm to be infective, they must spend part of their life-cycle in a mosquito. Then a single bite from a carrier mosquito can infect your dog. As the worms mature and grow in the heart, they can cause a physical blockage, as well as thickening of the heart and blood vessels.

Heartworm infection may eventually lead to signs of heart failure (such as a. reluctance to exercise, lethargy, coughing) and eventually death. Heartworm is present throughout most of Australia. Request a consultation for the heartworm treatment for your dogs or cats today.

Thankfully, heartworm is easy to prevent and should form part of your dog’s health care routine.

We have very effective preventative treatment options available, including

If your dog hasn’t been on heartworm prevention, we strongly recommend a heartworm test prior to starting a prevention program. Please call us to discuss the best worming treatment prevention for your pets.

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